Ah... the Golden Years. We all look forward to Retirement. Those wonderful years you can spend lowering your golf handicap, traveling the world, enjoying your grandchildren and actively following all the dreams you cherish.  We all want our golden years to be... well... golden, don't we?

Unfortunately, Wall Street hasn't treated us very well over the last twelve or fourteen years. While the past couple years have performed pretty well we find the overall market here in America to be within a stone's throw of where it was back in 1999.  Since that time, the market lost 47% of it's value... followed by a five-year recovery... and then lost it all again (-56.8%) in the 18 months that followed.  And while some nice profits were certainly available during this time period, if you didn't have a mechanism in place to capture and lock-in your gains for life, the market probably took back some or all of those gains over the 18 month bear market of 2008.  

With no solid fundamentals in place (poor GDP growth, high unemployment, etc) Federal Reserve 'easing' and other Government intervention has bouyied the stock market and we've enjoyed some very nice gains... but remember the lessons of 2000 and 2008:  The Market Giveth, and The Market Taketh Away.

When this Poker Game turns sour, many will remain at the table counting smaller and smaller piles of chips hoping the setback is temporary.  Call them paper losses if you like... but Warren Buffets #1 rule of investing is "Don't Lose Money".  And his #2 Rule is... "Don't forget Rule #1!"  And he's right. If you don't get to keep your gains, what good are they?  Right now might be the best time to consider protecting what you've worked so hard to achieve.

If you're young and not yet dreaming of retirement, it's easy to be more aggressive with investments... because there's time to make up for a bad year or two.  But for those retired or nearing retirement, it just makes good sense to be safer and simpler with your money.  You've graduated from the 'Accumulation Phase' to the 'Preservation Phase', and it's time to protect your principal and capture real gains that are yours to keep!  

We offer strategies that generate income every month and real returns every year. Your principal is guaranteed against market loss and you will never again give your gains back to the market.  Everyone knows where to go for Safety... and everyone knows where to go for Potential & Opportunity.  And now for the very first time, you can enjoy both Safety and Opportunity in the same vehicle... on the same money... and at the same time. 

Our solutions are simple, intelligent and automatic... allowing you to enjoy and maintain your standard of living for the rest of your life. We call it creating and preserving wealth with certainty rather than leaving it all to chance.

You know where you want to go... let our Smart Money Solutions help you get there.  Prepare to Sleep Well.