Credentials Are Important

Since 1924 we have been helping people make the kind of informed, smart choices with their money that feel right to them... and we believe that as we grow in years, it makes good sense to be safer and simpler with our money. We'll solve your financial puzzles, find the missing pieces and carefully fit it together in such a way that only an annual review is necessary to keep on track... making sure our strategies are still meeting your needs and requirements.

We are Registered Financial Consultants (RFC®and members of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (the IARFC). Please visit their website and review our credentials by clicking on their name above.

We are also members in good standing of the National Ethics Association. The National Ethics Association has been likened to the Better Business Bureau for the Financial Industry. The NEA conducts the most comprehensive background and compliance checks in the financial services industry.  All applicants for membership must submit and successfully pass a seven-year background search including criminal and civil violations as well as professional, business, licensing and ethical infractions. With all the craziness and unethical behavior in the financial world, now more than ever before, it is critical that you do your 'due diligence' and know who you are working with. Visit the National Ethics Association website and you'll be able to view my membership Certificate of Approval as well as my Professional Profile.  While here, you can search for any advisor by name to view their membership credentials.  

As we meet with clients on a day-to-day basis, we adhere to a Code of Ethics and do business according to the ultimate standard... The Golden Rule as found in Matthew 7:12, pledging to serve you with the same level of integrity, honor and respect that I would desire and expect for myself in the same circumstances.  

Just as importantly, we promise to recommend solutions that address your concerns and are best suited to meet your stated purpose, needs and requirements.