We'd Like To Meet You

One of our main objectives as we open new relationships is getting to know our clients on a personal level. We begin by asking some questions and listening a lot as we chat about the issues and concerns that are on your mind... and on your heart.

We'll spend some time discussing your goals and dreams, as well as the ultimate purpose for your money... because we believe that the purpose of money should dictate where you put it.

We'll also talk about concerns you have that may be keeping you up at night. Over the past 35 years and thousands of interviews with your peers... if we've learned anything, we've learned this one simple truth;  If you can't sleep with your portfolio, you'll never truly enjoy your returns.  And while there is no silver bullet or perfect answer that fits every situation, the Smart Money strategies we use will reduce risk and increase your peace-of-mind... so it is important for you to consider and understand your own "sleep quotient".

Only after gaining a better understanding of what's really important to you can we go to work designing tailor-made solutions that address your concerns while enhancing that which you've already accomplished.


Our practice focuses on the following...

        Protecting your Principal

        Systematically Capturing & Locking in Gains for LIFE 

         Reducing Risk & Improving Safety

         Designing an Income for Life plan that you'll never outlive

         Estate Conservation & Avoiding Probate

         Reducing Income Taxes on several different levels